Majirel Permanent Haircolor services are formulated with Ionene G and Incell technology. Majirel is the first permanent crème haircolor that treats hair from the core to the surface for long-lasting, radiant color with brilliant shine, capable of providing perfect coverage of up to 100% white hair and superior resistance to fading


INOA, a breakthrough, revolutionary, and innovative ammonia-free haircolor service, uses the power of oil to maximize the effectiveness of processing haircolor. INOA creates a color more beautiful than ever: pure, intense, and vibrant. Additionally it reinforces coverage up to 100%, while hair provides 6 weeks of intense hydration and nutrition.


DIA light and DIA richesse are both demi-permanent haircolor, offering quick, predictable, and customized results with no ammonia rich tones and incredible shine.


Whether you’re a colour junkie or prefer a hidden pop of color – dare #colorfulhair, the new hair norm. Play with color like you play with make-up! Dial it up with ultra-bright vibrant shades, such as Iced Mint; the hottest colour of the year! Dial it down using Crystal Clear to create softer whimsical, pastel tones. Mistake proof tailored look only guaranteed by a pro, lasts up to 15 shampoos (may vary depending on the type of shade/ effect chosen, color depth and porosity of the hair fiber) and leaves your hair feelings conditioned and ultra-soft. DISCOVER THE #COLORFULHAIR RANGE!

ColorfulHair Flash

L’Oreal Professionnel introduces Pro Hair Make-up. Now your colorist becomes your Hair Make-Up Artist with Colorfulhair Flash. With its 11 make-up shades, Colorfulhair Flash make all kinds of hair looks possible. Removable with shampoo and visible on all hair with anti-transfer! What will be your occasion? Halloween. Festival. Prom Day. Concert. Fashion Week. Birthday. Wedding. Valentine’s Day and many more !


Kerastase Professional Hair Care & Styling Products

Kérastase continues to create bespoke products and treatments that satisfy the desire for exceptional hair. Every woman wants exceptional hair, but the solution is not the same for everyone. Hair type, scalp concerns, internal and external factors are some of the variables that can affect the health of the hair. It requires personal attention and expertise to resolve all of these factors into one very individual, yet perfect, head of hair. Kérastase creates innovative products and bespoke rituals for flawless results.

L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert

Serie Expert is a complete hair care system that treats the hair’s molecular structure from the core to the surface, delivering high performance results to maintain and preserve beautiful hair between salon visits.

Hollywood Waves – L’Oreal Professionnel

Opt for latest hairstyle trend featuring hollywood waves as the icing on the cake for any party or event, or even as you daily sprinkle of glamour!


TecniArt is a complete range of products set to meet all your styling needs: texture, volume, curl, shine, and hold.


This new nourishing hair care series rejuvenates hair, returning it to a balanced state. Shine-enhancing oil gives color treated hair vibrancy and protects against fading.

Homme – L’Oreal Professionnel

A range designed specifically for men to create unique, tailored looks. Discover and explore our hair care range designed for male hair. Whatever look you want to achieve, these pro styling products give you the means to shape up in a subtle and sophisticated way. Ensure your hair looks it’s best and feels supple and incredible to touch. Construct. Sculpt. Define. Groom. Achieve a customized look to suit your style.



L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL’S first long lasting hair care treatment. L’Oreal research laboratories have developed APTYL 100, first ever technology capable of long-lasting repair of the hair fiber, the result of 15 years of research. Thank to APTYL 100, the complex can be reactivated for up to 4 washes and recharged at home for up to 6 weeks. The performance of the APTYL 100 allows for an unprecedented performance in 3 steps:

SmartBond – L’Oreal Professionnel

SMARTBOND is a new protective and strengthening service by L’Oreal Professionnel, specifically designed for hairdressers. SMARTBOND is a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair during technical services (such as bleach and haircolor). The system consists of three components, the first two being used in salon and the third one at home. This bond strengthening system targets damaged, sensitized, dull, coloured, highlighted and/ or bleached hair that leaves hair reinforced, more resistant, softer and shiny.

PowerMix by Serie Expert

Our Serie Expert Powermix in-salon treatment is an essential, transformative treatment with formulas available for key client hair concerns. The technology is a unique combination of a base liquid and additive liquid that are mixed to create a lighweight, creamy formula. With a high concentration of pure ingredients, the hair is instantly transformed. The combination of rich conditioning agents for intense nutrition and a water base that brings lightness and shine. This technology brings a unique masque that nourishes without weighing down. We have Powermix offerings for all of your clients’ needs:


By utilizing Juvexin, this system restores hair by repairing and providing long term conditioning and protection. Juvexin is GK Hair’s foundation in creating manageable, frizz free, beautiful looking hair for all who desire it


This treatment works by coating the hair strands in keratin, replacing the protein bonds, and strengthening the hair strands, removing the frizz and transforming broken hair into manageable, shiny, locks.


These treatments actually improve the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.



The dream of perfect, long hair is much quicker and more convenient with real hair extensions from Hairdreams. Hairdreams Hair Extensions blend in perfectly with your own natural hair and are therefore virtually indistinguishable from it. This allows the hair length and volume to change in just a few hours so that almost any desired styling is possible. Hairdreams exclusively uses real human hair which is acquired around the whole world. Hair stands out through healthy, gleaming gloss, brilliant, lasting color, and natural elasticity. It comes in two quality levels; 5-star and 7-star special quality. With proper care, the 7-star special hair can be reused. We can also achieve exciting, trendy, strands effect on styles. All of this is possible without damaging or stressing your own natural hair.


With our new Hairdreams Quikkies service, you can achieve the styles you ever dreamed of in a fast and easy manor. The results are as perfect as ever! Create eye catching color effects, bangs extensions, asymmetrical hairstyles, and much more in record time. We can create extra soft transitions, invisible bonding,  and even problematic hair types offering clients with very fine hair possibilities for gorgeous length and natural volume in addition, the hair can be reused a few times.


So.Cap. hair extensions offer the premier brand of hair extensions. It is 100% Remy hair which respects the natural direction of cuticle growth which lies in the same downward direction so hair is easy to manage. So.Cap. is hand selected human hair which is pre-bonded with keratin tips to ensure a healthy, strong, and long lasting bond.


Hairlocs offers amazing quality hair at discounted prices with 35 different colors and 4 different textures. Hairlocs offers 5 different types of extensions to help achieve virtually any look.

LaBella Hair Extensions

Since 2008, LaBella Hair Extensions has been the best place to shop online for 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions. Our extensions are 100% cuticle intact and 90% double drawn, making them the most desirable among hair stylists.

The Hair Shop – World of Hair Extensions

The Hair Shop stands by its high quality standards and continues to serve the beauty industry with innovative products and methods. All of our 100% human hair can be found in 5 different textures to best fit your desired style. The Hair Shop also provides a wide variety of brands that will best match your unique hair structure; whether it’s fine or thick dense strands. Please contact Je T’aime Coiffure at Galleria directly to set up a consultation to discuss the best options provided by The Hair Shop to meet your hair needs and desires.


Eyelash Extensions

Je T’aime Coiffure at Galleria is always on the cutting edge of new  services, products, and more.

We are offering individual, classic, and 3D Lash extensions.

3D Lash extensions are the latest and greatest in the world of lashes and we are proud to be offering them to you! 3D Lashes use tiny, feathery thin extensions so we can apply three to four individual extensions on each natural lash. The final result is thin, fluttery, lash extensions that look super voluminous.

Individual eyelash extensions will give you longer, thicker, and incredibly natural looking eye lashes that will extend you natural eyelashes and draw attention to your eyes. They are semi-permanent and made from synthetic fibers. Each lash is applied one by one to your own natural lashes.

Normally a person’s natural lash falls out every 60-90 days and a new lash grows in immediately. Therefore it is necessary to get touch ups to fill in the fallen lashes. About every two to three weeks is recommended, however, this will vary from person to person.